Will it be fun?

Just have a look at the Testimonials. Second only to keeping it safe, having lots of fun is a top priority.
Our customers invariably leave with a big smile on their face and a genuine sense of achievement that comes with conquering a real challenge and learning advanced skills.

Will it be safe?

The safety of you and your vehicle is of paramount importance to us. You will be in very experienced and safe hands. Provided you follow instructions and adhere to clear guidelines any potential risk will be kept to a minimum.
However very little in life that is great fun comes at zero risk. Risk assessment and risk management is often a more rewarding approach than attempting complete risk avoidance.
 Without a good sense of danger you cannot be safe. We will help you develop an accurate grasp of speed and danger that enables you to successfully manage risk.
 Understanding and constantly evaluating risk in a very rational and practical way will give you real control over your own safety.
 One of the biggest fables in Motorsport is that you have to spin to know where the limit is. It’s not true. By approaching the limits of a car’s capabilities with a planned, cautious, progressive and mindful approach you will get plenty of warning that it is nearing a spin.

What makes your courses so good?

Our courses are very flexible with a wide choice from Handling/Drifting Courses to Airfield Track Days through to Circuit Track Days. These can take place at a venue to suit you throughout the UK and at selected European Circuits.
The big scope of courses available means we can advise you on the best package to suit your level of skill and requirements. There will always be an option to suit you and there is never any pressure to drive beyond the capabilities of you or your car.
 Dependant upon a clients experience and skill levels, we have inherently safe venues with masses of run-off space available allowing for mistakes without serious consequences. You can drive around our handling courses secure in the knowledge that even if you suffer a complete case of brain fade and /or over enthusiasm or simply run out of talent, the only thing you are likely to damage is your Ego.
Many customers start with a Handling/Drifting Course and once they have achieved a reasonable degree of competance and confidence there is always another level they can progress to.
Others start with AirfieldTrack Days which are generally safer with a better level of run-off than many Race Circuits where containment of an out of control car is a primary concern.
Many Intermediate and more Advanced Drivers prefer the challenge of learning a famous Race Circuit.
The wonderful thing about Motorsport is that with the right approach and an open mind there is always “the next level” to aim for and you never stop learning and improving.

Do I have to use my own car?

Most customers use their own car. The benefit of this is familiarity with the vehicle and a good knowledge of your own cars general attributes.
It is fun to explore the limits of your own vehicle in safety and immune from any reproach from the law. It also keeps the cost at a lower level.
You don’t have to have a high-powered sports car to enjoy yourself and benefit from our courses. In fact, in many respects, a less powerful car with lower levels of grip can be ideal to learn in. This usually allows the limit to be found more progressively at lower safer speeds.
Alternatively various High Performance cars can be provided by prior arrangement, but this will be at additional cost.

How much will I have to spend?

Because of the wide range of packages that can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs along with the broad scope of venues and activities available it is best to contact us to discuss your requirements further.
As a general guideline some courses are run from as little as £95 per person, up to £750 per day where a high performance car is provided as part of the package.
A full day of on-to-one instruction in your own car will cost in the region of £350 dependant on the course content and choice of venue. All prices are subject to VAT.
Please feel free to contact us and discuss matters further as our flexible approach generally allows us to suggest a course that can accommodate your needs and budget.

Who are your typical customers?

After many years of instructing one thing is clear, there is no such thing as a typical customer.
Track driving seems to be something that enthuses so many people and spans both genders, all ages and most backgrounds and walks of life. An initial curiosity or sense of adventure is often helpful but some people never knew they would enjoy it or be good at it until a friend or loved one bought them a day as a surpise present.
Some customers already have a passion for driving and a desire to improve their skills behind the wheel.
Others will never know until they have tried it. So have a go at least once and discover the thrill of high speed driving.

What is the format of a typical day?

What will I learn?

How will I benefit from coming to A Need 4 Speed?