Getting a second opinion from a professional driver regarding your car's handling handling can be invaluable.

Optimising the correct chassis set-up will make any high performance car go faster, brake with more stability & efficiency & handle more safely and  predictably.

We can provide set-up checks on essential parameters such as ride heights, wheel alignment and corner weights along with damper settings, brake assessment and tyre checks.

 Benefits of correct chassis set-up:

•  Predicable handling 
•  Increased cornering grip 
•  Higher driver confidence 
•  Faster lap times! 
•  Less tyre wear 
•  Lower fuel consumption 
Chassis tuning parameters:

•  Ride height adjustment 
•  Minimising weight transfer 
•  Centre of gravity re-location 
•  Corner weight distribution 
•  Roll-centre adjustment 
•  Minimising roll-steer 
•  4 wheel alignment geometry adjustment (camber, castor and toe) 
•  Minimising bump-steer 
•  Tyre pressure monitoring 
•  Tyre temperature monitoring