Porsche GT3

"I find I get more out of a tuition session with Gary than other instructors I have used in the past because of his analytical approach.  I particularly like the "show me a couple of typical laps"technique followed by pulling off into the pits for a detailed dissection of where small adjustments to lines & braking points can yield extra speed & car control.  The encouragement he gives when I subsequently follow sound advice is always nice too!"


"It's remarkable how Gary's skills as an instructor quickly took me from being aggressive on the track, uncomfortable in close proximity to other cars, to a smooth and confident driver. Gary has a friendly and calm manner and is highly knowledgeable. His on and off track guidance maximised my chances of passing the ARDS Test first time and made the whole experience highly enjoyable."

Lotus Elise

“It’s uncanny how calm & relaxed Gary remains at high speed, he takes in information like a data logger. After I’d only driven 3 laps he signalled for us to pit for our first of many chats. He was able to re-call and analyse my driving technique at every point of the Circuit. This included highlighting all racing line reference points for braking, turn in, apex and exit, with focus on when I was on or off the brakes or power. His constructive criticism and advice enabled me to quickly establish a plan for correcting and improving on my weak points whilst strengthening and building on my strong points. We spent the rest of the day practicing my newly acquired skills.. His positive and helpful approach gave me the confidence to drive in a smoother and faster manner yet be more in control, less “ragged” and safer. We completed the day with him driving a few “hot laps” so he could show me some advanced techniques. I had no idea my car could lap so fast whilst appearing so effortless, awesome!”

Honda S2000

How often do you get exactly what you are looking for on track day instruction? Well, that’s what I get with Gary.

A day of constant learning filled with all the technical goodies you don’t get from other track day instructors. Gary’s nickname should be “Data Logger” as he has the ability to remember every part of your lap including the exact amount of over steer I apply whilst putting the power down. “Unwind the wheel as you apply the power”, he proclaims. I have a distinct tendency to brake late, turn in early and use too much run-off on the exit. I was amazed how Gary transformed my driving to increase the lap speed whilst improving safety and the margin for error at the exit run-offs. This resulted in me lapping many other cars with ease, even after giving them half a lap head start. The transformation was outstanding!

Value for money is definitely top as Gary has no hesitation in passing his knowledge on and advising the best approach even though that might not benefit him.
I am also someone who likes to ask lots of questions so am impressed with Gary’s patience as he never gets tired of answering, however basic the question might appear.

The first Track day with Gary was on the Silverstone South circuit, which proved to be difficult for me in terms visual ability, as the track is so flat. Gary took me through the lines with sheer ease and by the end I was lapping at good speed. The lack of visual ability was all in my mind.

Gary’s approach is flexible and he doesn’t insist on making me drive exactly like him. I especially like the fact that he will drive to demonstrate how the track should be driven, which is a great asset for me being a visual learner. He also has the gift of making the best of my own level of ability, helping me connect with the car in my own style, whilst not imposing his view of how it should be done.

I am now working towards my ARDS license and have no doubt under Gary’s tuition that I will achieve it and move quickly into competition racing.

A day of constant learning with a high level of personal satisfaction makes track day’s addictive…….oh dear! Trouble is I won’t want to do them without Gary as I don’t want to miss any opportunity to absorb more of his profound knowledge.

First class instructor!

Lotus Exige

Gary's skill and manner in which he shares his knowledge has enabled me to vastly improve my confidence, particularly in wet conditions.  Becoming a safer, faster and more controlled driver has helped greatly on the track, but more importantly Gary has helped prepare me for what ever might occur on the road.  Everyone should take driving instruction regularly from a professional and I can certainly recommend Gary Marsh for the job.